Erin Mercer – The Best Legal Counsel For Family Law

Family remains the all important glue in a person’s life. Yet things do not always go as smoothly as expected. There are domestic quarrels and divorce proceedings, adoption and financial issues cropping up in between the family members that end in disrupting the fragile equation of the family.

Unfortunately, there is little to rejoice when it concerns a divorce. Sadly, the skeletons come tumbling out of the closets when the couple decides to part ways, often not amicably. However, trying to file for divorce on the basis of imperfect knowledge wrested from books and online resources is not enough. It is necessary to hire a Wyoming attorney for proper representation during the divorce proceedings so that all pending matters can be settled properly without rancor.

Erin Mercer, an able attorney specializing in family law pertaining to divorce and other areas including criminal law endorses the need for legal representation during a divorce too.

How can a divorce attorney help?

  • Advice – Well, the couple may have lived together for years and think they know everything about the partner about to be divorced but there are likely to be surprises in store. An experienced family attorney is usually the best source to turn to when the question of splitting the assets of the couple arise. The matters become even more complicated when there are children to think of and being emotional will not help either. It is best to consult a lawyer in order to secure the interests.

  • Stress – Divorce is a topic that results in enhancing the stress filled days. Simply worrying about the situation will not help. On the contrary, it may result in various health issues making the already complicated situation complicated further. The best way to face the reality calmly and wisely is to seek the counsel of a divorce lawyer. Not only will the lawyer take over the legal responsibility giving the concerned party more time for other considerations but will also help the aggrieved party to relax and remain alert mentally.

  • Errors – Divorce is never impersonal. In fact it is exactly the opposite with the parties being emotionally involved. It is therefore important to get professional help when trying to file for divorce. The legal jargon is too complicated to understand and an individual about to file for divorce might be stressed out enabling him / her to commit mistakes. Overlooking issues or under valuing an asset may prove to be costly mistakes that need to be avoided at all costs.

  • Agreement – Creating a divorce agreement without the expertise of a legal representative might prolong the case unduly as the court may fail to understand the point of view put forward. The consequence may vary widely too from the intent of the person filing for divorce. An attorney, on the other hand, can prepare a legal document that is clear and precise by stating the terms in legal parlance that is likely to be upheld by a court of law.

A family attorney can help an individual to complete the necessary paperwork and file for divorce at the right time thereby expediting the process.


Reasons To Contact Attorney Erin Mercer

Working at a job needs a bit of caution especially when an individual is employed in an industry prone to risks. Being injured or disabled on the job requires long hospitalization with no hope for the future. The Government has thus made it mandatory for the employers to compensate all such workers accordingly. Unfortunately, not all employers are honest enough to pass on the benefits of an worker’s compensation insurance to their injured employee.

A Wyoming attorney can help to take all necessary measures in order to make the said employee get the benefits due to him as per the regulations. It might help to approach one of the largest Colorado firms in order to contact the head of the ‘worker’s compensation’ department, Mr. Erin Mercer. He, along with is partner strives day and night to help the hapless workers of Wyoming receive all benefits that they are entitled to.

A proper understanding of the worker’s compensation insurance along with the benefits that need to be granted by the employer is required though. Here are the facts explained in simple, lay person’s terms that will assist the concerned employee to fight for his rights.

  1. Benefits– An injured worker is entitled to get all his hospitalization costs reimbursed along with rehabilitation costs. The employer needs to pay for re-training the employee after he joins too. The salary cannot be stopped without any explanation, if the employee becomes unable to perform his normal duties temporarily. The worker’s compensation allows him to get at least two thirds of his last drawn salary as compensation.

  2. Exclusions– While the workman’s comp. instructs an employer to compensate the worker even when he gets injured due to the carelessness or ignorance of the employer; there are a few areas where the injured person cannot claim any benefits. The employer does not have any responsibility when the employee’s action was in violation of the company’s code of conduct or he had been intoxicated or under the influence of drugs when the accident occurred. Self inflicted injury or committing a crime are considered to be serious offences with no compensation granted.

  3. Illness– While any injury resulting from an accident on the job is regarded as eligible for compensation, the employee can also claim the benefits due to overwork, stress, and diseases occurring due to related or unhealthy work conditions

  4. Location– The actual place of accident does not matter as long as the worker was on a job related task including but not limited to traveling on business, running errands, and even when attending a social event related to the job.

  5. Entitled Employees– The worker’s comp recognizes specific type of workers as employees eligible for benefits while temporary or casual workers are not recognized. However, the regulations vary from State to State and the employer may be totally absolved of his responsibilities, if he does not have the requisite number of employees or the nature of his business is excluded.

It makes sense to contact a professional lawyer for obtaining all the benefits the employee is entitled to without losing precious time.

Why Would You Need Legal Representation For Family Law In Worland And Gillette WT

A wedding in the family is a joyous occasion. Unfortunately, a divorce is not so! However, the numbers of divorces are going up by the day with celebs, corporate, and ordinary individuals resorting to the law often. It makes sense to be well versed with the facts pertaining to family law in Worland and Gillette WT though especially when you know that you have to take the advice of an expert counsel.

True, the law professionals often add fuel to the fire by pitching their clients against each other with the trial becoming too acrimonious for the family eventually. However, it is not too prudent to believe in the sensational topics always, there are many law firms that believe in employing a highly experienced divorce attorney in Gillette and Casper WY too. Simply approach the right law professional with the details and your case is bound to be settled amicably in your favor.

Yes! You may also try to settle the matter by yourselves especially, if there is no complexity in your situation. Sadly, you may need to contact the best divorce lawyer in town at sometimes. Do take a look at the facts below and take your decision at the earliest so that you get to avoid wasting time and can move on comfortably…

Reasons to hire a divorce attorney

  1. In instances of physical abuse by the spouse or child abuse or even when the spouse is addicted to harmful substances and shows no wish to discontinue it. The lawyer will not only be able to help you to present the case properly but may also be able to provide you with protection during the divorce proceedings.

  2. You attorney might be able to discover the truth and prove in the court that your spouse is lying or is simply being vindictive. He/she is the best person to protect your interests once your spouse’s manner, behavior and habits are out in the open.

  3. You would have no choice but to find a top legal professional who is adept at handling family law, if your spouse has already hired a divorce lawyer to represent him / her in court. A professional approach is the best possible way to counter a seasoned attorney who tries to prove you wrong at every juncture. It is definitely the proper step for you to take especially when you have young children or are the owner of joint property with your spouse who is keen to divorce you at present.

  4. It would help your cause to employ an able divorce lawyer immediately, if you fear domestic violence. You may actually want to move out of home in order to protect both yourself and your children but be sure to keep your family lawyer informed of the reason. Your spouse may go ahead and lodge a case of child kidnapping otherwise.

The couple can utilize a single lawyer for handling the divorce proceedings though especially when they mutually agree to all the clauses included in the divorce papers and agree to be represented jointly.

Do You Need a Criminal Defense Attorney – Sheridan & Sundance WY for Workers Compensation Case?

Have you suffered from a work-related injury? Thinking how would you cope with the medical expenses and the after-effects of the injury? Consider making a workers; compensation claim against your employer with help of a workers compensation attorney Casper WY. Workers’ comp claims are routinely denied by employers and insurance companies; therefore, if you are considering filing a claim seeking legal assistance is a must.

While it is true that you can file a case yourself, without the help of an attorney; but there are situations when things becomes so complicated that only a trained and skilled attorney can help you out. Just as a criminal defense attorney – Sheridan & Sundance WY would help you prove a criminal offense, a workers’ comp attorney would help you prove the employer’s negligence which caused the injury. You may also be eligible to get a compensation to support your life.

Here is when you need to hire an experienced workers’ compensation attorney to represent your case:

You Do Not Know if You Qualify for Workers’ Compensation

Not all work-related injuries qualify for workers’ compensation. Therefore before you file a claim, you first need to understand whether you quality for workers’ compensation. Filing a case, when you do not qualify would mean wastage of time and money. An experienced attorney would help you understand whether you qualify or not and find out solutions to make sure you get a compensation to support your life.

Your Employer Denies Responsibility

There are many instances when the employer or their insurance carrier deny responsibility and hence refrain from paying compensation. It might be tough for an average person to collect data and prove the negligence on part of the employer. An attorney will do the needful and make sure you get what you deserve. Moreover, workers’ compensation laws are somewhat complicated, but an attorney would know how to use them for your benefit.

If a Third Party Was Involved in the Injury

If third parties are involved in the work-related injury, the case would become even more complicated. For example, you may work on site on behalf of your employer and get injured on the client’s premises. You may have a case against the client. So you may need to file a claim for an additional settlement. Hence, it is a must that hire a workers’ compensation lawyer.

Collect Maximum Benefits

Employees collecting workers’ compensation might be eligible to collect other benefits such as Social Security disability. You may not know about such additional benefits, but if you hire an attorney he/she would help you know about the extra benefits and make sure you lead a happy life.

Getting injured at work can be traumatic, but coping with the aftermath can be even more traumatic. Therefore, in order to make sure you get what you deserve, hiring a workers compensation attorney Casper WY is important. Not only will an attorney help you navigate through the complex laws, but he/she will also make sure you get the maximum benefits.

Fighting for Child Custody? Take Advantage of Family Law in Casper, Gilette and Buffalo WY

It can be very difficult for you to separate with your partner, but it would be even more painful if you have to let go of your child. The most difficult part of a divorce case is winning the custody of your child, especially if both parents want to win the custody.

The judge issues a decision that is in best interest of the child, therefore you must make sure that you fulfil all the necessities and prove that you can take the best care of the child. Thus, in order to file a strong case and make sure you win the child custody case, you need to hire an experienced child custody lawyer in Sheridan, Gilette and Casper WY. The reasons why you need to hire a lawyer for your child custody are:

Better Understanding of Family Laws

The family law differs from state to state, so you need to understand the family law in Casper, Gilette and Buffalo WY to win the case. You need to determine the strong and weak points and prepare the case accordingly. An experienced lawyer would help you navigate through the complicated laws and legal processes and ensure success.


While in court, you have to face a number of questions from the defence. This means you need to prepare well, so that you can answer with confidence. A lawyer will also help you prepare before the court and help you remember the details that would be required during the court hearing. Remember, even the smallest mistake can make the case go out of your hands. So, thorough preparation is very important.

Collect Evidence

It often happens that the child custody is given to the wrong parent. If this is the case with your child and you want to win back your child and provide the best care, you need to prove that the other parent in incapable of providing the best case for the child. And in order to do this you need to provide enough evidence in front of the court. This might sound easy, but it is not easy at all. Since a lawyer is experienced in handling a wide variety of cases, he/she would be able to help you gather the right kind of evidence that will help you change the court’s decision and win the custody of your child.

Peace of Mind

Child custody cases can be very complicated, so by having a professional by your side you can rest assured that things will never go wrong. The final decision rests upon the court, but you will have peace of mind that you tried your best.

Therefore, if you have decided to get separated from your partner, make sure you hire a child custody lawyer in Sheridan, Gilette and Casper WY who can help you win the case. You surely will provide the best care for your child, but you need to prove it in front of the court and this is best done with help of an experienced lawyer.

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