Reasons To Contact Attorney Erin Mercer

Working at a job needs a bit of caution especially when an individual is employed in an industry prone to risks. Being injured or disabled on the job requires long hospitalization with no hope for the future. The Government has thus made it mandatory for the employers to compensate all such workers accordingly. Unfortunately, not all employers are honest enough to pass on the benefits of an worker’s compensation insurance to their injured employee.

A Wyoming attorney can help to take all necessary measures in order to make the said employee get the benefits due to him as per the regulations. It might help to approach one of the largest Colorado firms in order to contact the head of the ‘worker’s compensation’ department, Mr. Erin Mercer. He, along with is partner strives day and night to help the hapless workers of Wyoming receive all benefits that they are entitled to.

A proper understanding of the worker’s compensation insurance along with the benefits that need to be granted by the employer is required though. Here are the facts explained in simple, lay person’s terms that will assist the concerned employee to fight for his rights.

  1. Benefits– An injured worker is entitled to get all his hospitalization costs reimbursed along with rehabilitation costs. The employer needs to pay for re-training the employee after he joins too. The salary cannot be stopped without any explanation, if the employee becomes unable to perform his normal duties temporarily. The worker’s compensation allows him to get at least two thirds of his last drawn salary as compensation.

  2. Exclusions– While the workman’s comp. instructs an employer to compensate the worker even when he gets injured due to the carelessness or ignorance of the employer; there are a few areas where the injured person cannot claim any benefits. The employer does not have any responsibility when the employee’s action was in violation of the company’s code of conduct or he had been intoxicated or under the influence of drugs when the accident occurred. Self inflicted injury or committing a crime are considered to be serious offences with no compensation granted.

  3. Illness– While any injury resulting from an accident on the job is regarded as eligible for compensation, the employee can also claim the benefits due to overwork, stress, and diseases occurring due to related or unhealthy work conditions

  4. Location– The actual place of accident does not matter as long as the worker was on a job related task including but not limited to traveling on business, running errands, and even when attending a social event related to the job.

  5. Entitled Employees– The worker’s comp recognizes specific type of workers as employees eligible for benefits while temporary or casual workers are not recognized. However, the regulations vary from State to State and the employer may be totally absolved of his responsibilities, if he does not have the requisite number of employees or the nature of his business is excluded.

It makes sense to contact a professional lawyer for obtaining all the benefits the employee is entitled to without losing precious time.


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